bubblelicious nirvana seedsThe Bubbelicious marijuana strain was brought to Nirvana Seeds for refinement from the USA.

Bubblelicious is a fast growing strain with a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks.

It produces highly resinous buds that could be described as ‘sweet’ in small and taste.

Similar to the cannabis seed strain called Bubble Gum of Serious Seeds fame, Bubblelicious has a somewhat bubblegum smell and flavour.

More importantly the buds have a high THC content 0f 15% – 20% and harvests weight in at around 450 grams per plant.

Bubblelicious is a hybrid but retains more Indica influence which accounts for the dense bud formation, weighty yield, and the relaxing body stone when smoked.

Bubblelicious is a White Strain, is a medical marijuana strain, and can be purchase as regular cannabis seeds or feminized cannabis seeds.

Bubblecious seeds are available in regular and feminized forms. For fresh cannabis seeds, fast discrete delivery, at discount prices, click on one of the buttons below:


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Disclaimer: Most countries allow the exchange and trade of cannabis / marijuana seeds however many countries do not allow the cultivation, use, or sale of cannabis / marijuana. Please check your local laws before cultivating cannabis / marijuana. We do not encourage, support, or condone the breaking of laws in any shape or form. We provide a legitimate and law-abiding service providing information on Nirvana Seeds bank strains and cannabis / marijuana seeds available for sale.

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