AK48 seeds

AK48 seeds: regular, feminized, autoflower

ak48 seedsAK48 is a hardy cannabis strain that finishes very early – in as little time as 7 weeks.

It was developed by Nirvana Seeds as a powerful hybrid of Ice and Jock Horror.

Ice includes genes from  Afghani, Northern Lights, Shiva and Skunk stock, and gives AK48 dense arrays of huge hard buds, covered in sticky resinous trichomes.

Jock Horror is a hybrid of Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze, and AK48 is  likewise a heavy resin producer and fast finisher.

AK48 seeds are a good choice for both experienced and novice growers, being straightforward and predictable to grow. AK48 seeds can be grown outdoors in climates like those of southern Europe but elsewhere are best grown indoors, doing well in a Sea of Green (SOG) set-up.

AK48 finishes in as early as 7 weeks in optimal conditions though may take as long as 9 weeks to finish. It’s well worth the wait though as AK48 seeds can ultimately give you a sizeable harvest of up to 500 grams per plant.

Although AK48 cannabis is a mix of Indica and Sativa with a slight Indica dominance genetically, it retains the main Sativa qualities in its effects when smoked – a creeping high which will grow into a strong Sativa buzz.

Plant Type  –  Hybrid
Cultivation  –  Indoor
Plant Height  –  Medium
Effect  –  High (Head Trip, Cerebral Effect)
Flavor  –  Sweet, Smooth
Average Yield  –  400 – 500 g/m² in SOG (200 – 300 g/m² for autoflower)
Flowering Period  –  7 – 9 weeks
White Strain  –  Yes
Medical Use –   No

AK48 seeds are available in regular, feminized and autoflowering forms. For fresh cannabis seeds with fast discreet delivery at discount prices, click on one of the buttons below:

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ak48 autoflower feminized marijuana seeds

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nirvana seeds disclaimerLegal disclaimer: Buying AK48 seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions.

Cannabis growing is tolerated in a number of countries provided it is solely for personal use. Some states have legislation prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis unless licences are obtained prior to germination.

Yet other states enforce very restrictive legislation that attempts to stop any of its citizens from growing AK48 marijuana seeds or alternative types of THC-bearing marijuana for any purpose.

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