An Overview of Nirvana Seeds’ Medical Cannabis Strains

Nirvana Seeds continue to cultivate and make available a number of medical cannabis strains suitable for medical use and for alleviating many conditions such as insomnia, depression, chronic pain, and general fatigue.

Whatever you need in the medicinal marijuana field there’s a good chance that Nirvana Seeds will have a suitable medical cannabis seed strain.


Nirvana Seeds Medical Cannabis Strains

To help you make the correct choice, below is a brief overview of Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana seeds. All these medical cannabis seeds are available to be shipped worldwide (except Australia and Japan).

All these medical cannabis strains are available as regular or feminized seeds and a few are available as autoflowers too (currently Bubblelicious, Jock Horror, Supreme CBD Lemon OG Haze and White Widow).


Aurora Indica

aurora indica seedsLike most medical marijuana strains, Aurora Indica is an extremely potent Indica-dominant strain with a THC content weighing in between 20% to 24%.

A cross between Northern Lights and Afghani, Aurora Indica is almost narcotic in its effects.

You’ll experience a deeply relaxing body stone which is helpful for stress relief and also can alleviate pain and spasms, and general tension.



Blackberry nirvana seeds cannabis marijuanaA potent Indica/Sativa hybrid with the genetics of Black Domina and Rasberry Cough, Blackberry is classified as a White strain.

Blackberry imparts a strong thick smoke and provides a heady but balanced effect of uplifting highs with a steady and strong body buzz.

A good medical marijuana herb for treating depression and fatigue.


Black Jack

Black Jack medical medicinal nirvana seeds cannabis marijuana Black Jack is a cross between Nirvana Seeds own Jock Horror and Black Domino developed by the world famous Sensi Seeds bank.

This hybrid gives a strong balanced high/stone and is well respected in the medicinal marijuana field as a strain that alleviates many symptoms including muscle and joint strains and aches.

When grown, Black Jack becomes coated in sticky THC crystals :).



bubblelicious seedsA mainly Indica dominant hybrid, Bubblelicious is a potent herb known to impart a deeply relaxing effect when smoked.

Perfect after a stressful day at work and beneficial to those who suffer insomnia.

Bubblelicious holds a special place in any medical marijuana collection. Also available as an autoflower.



Chrystal nirvana seeds cannabis marijuana single feminizedCrystal (formerly Chrystal) medical marijuana has been developed from cross breeding two of the most famous cannabis strains in the world – White Widow and Northern Lights.

Imparting a strong yet balanced effect when smoked, Crystal has been regarded as a ‘cure-all’ for many conditions but particularly good at helping relieve stress and anxiety related illnesses.

Crystal was awarded the Dutch High-life Cup for its outstanding qualities.



haze seeds nirvana seedsThis tropical Sativa from the Caribbean is known as ‘the herb’ in Reggae culture.

A pure and potent Sativa, Haze is also known for its medicinal qualities imparting an uplifting but calming quality to frazzled nerves.

Used as an antidote to chronic fatigue syndrome, Haze medicinal marijuana remains a perennial favourite among medicinal and regular users.



ice nirvana seeds cannabis marijuana single feminizedCombining the grand pedigree of the famous herbs Afghani, Shiva Shanti, Northern Lights and Super Skunk, Ice hybrid medical marijuana imparts a strong heady stone that can go along way to relieve chronic pain and headaches.

Winner of the Cannabis Cup, Ice marijuana is both potent in taste and effect, which some describe effect as mildly ‘narcotic’.


Jock Horror

jock horror feminized seeds nirvana seedsCrafted from the genes of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze, Jock Horror is a well known strain for its high yields of resin soaked buds.

Jock Horror is a Sativa-dominant strain known for its uplifting effects when smoked.

As a medical marijuana herb, it is known to lift depression and infuse vigour back into you, especially if you suffer from fatigue and/or high stress levels. Also available as an autoflower.


OG Kush

og kush autoflower seedsOne of the few medicinal strains which is available as an automatic, OG Kush is a pleasant smoke with a citrus and pine aroma.

An Indica-dominant hybrid which is rich in THC, OG Kush relaxes the body while giving a euphoric high. It’s a short plant so good to grow if you want a Sativa effect but don’t have room to grow a tall Sativa plant.

OG Kush has been found to be particularly useful for stress cadets, evaporating your worries. It can also be helpful for ADHD and migraines.



papaya medical medicinal nirvana seeds cannabis marijuanaTechnically a hybrid, Papaya is best described as a dense Indica with the compact resiny buds – and strong Indica effects…

Papaya produces a heavy, narcotic-like relaxing stone known to be effective in combatting chronic pain and nausea as well as being an effective cure for insomnia.

This potent herb is useful when a strong medical remedy is called for.


Pre-99 Big Bud

pre-99 big bud medical cannabis seeds

A high-yielding Indica-dominant hybrid, Pre-99 Big Bud has a relaxing happy balanced high. Nothing that will blow your socks off but with medium THC and CBD levels it’s a good all-rounder – helpful for alleviating insomnia, stress and depression and also good for easing muscle spasms.

A good one to have on hand, and since you can quickly grow a hefty crop, there’s no reason not to have some.


Raspberry Cough

raspberry cough seeds nirvana seedsConsidered one of Nirvana Seeds premium medical marijuana strains, Raspberry Cough is a Sativa-dominant strain that has been noted for its effectiveness against common fatigue syndrome and other related ailments.

Known for its high yield and exotic taste, Raspberry Cough is a favourite among many kinds of users, not just the medicinal herb gang.


Snow White

Snow White medical medicinal nirvana seeds cannabis marijuanaSnow White was created through crossing the famous White Widow with pure Indica genes.

The result is an incredibly potent ‘White Indica’ that imparts a deeply relaxing narcotic-like effect when smoked.

Noted for its powerful pain relief properties, Snow White has become an indispensable medical marijuana herb for many.


Sour Diesel

sativa's sour diesel medical marijuana seedsSour Diesel is a backcross of stalwart medical strain New York Power Diesel with its ancestor Sour Diesel.

A Sativa-dominant hybrid, it has a strong diesel aroma and gives an energetic, charged and creative head high.

Sour Diesel‘s uplifting effects are excellent for easing depression and stress (though it may not be good for those with severe anxiety) and it can also help stimulate appetite.


Sterling Haze

Sterling Haze nirvana seeds cannabis marijuanaSterling Haze is an F1 hybrid cross between Haze and Northern Lights.

A strong hybrid and a potent ‘white’ strain with around 20% THC, Sterling Haze gives a heady but balanced buzz.

Sterling Haze is known to have beneficial effects in reducing mental and physical fatigue.


Supreme CBD Durban

supreme cbd durban medical marijuana seeds

Supreme CBD Durban is a cross of Nirvana Seeds’ CBD-rich strain Supreme CBD with an inbred line of Durban Poison.

With about 8% CBD and 8% THC, you’ll get powerful medicinal effects without getting too high. Medicinal effects include relief from pain and spasms, anxiety and stress, and it also acts as anti-convulsant for epileptics. Since CBD is anti-inflammatory  Supreme CBD Durban can also help with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.


Supreme CBD Kush

supreme cbd kush medical marijuana seedsSupreme CBD Kush is cross of a Haze and O.G. Kush – both well-reputed medical marijuana strains themselves – and a strain called Supreme CBD.

Like Supreme CBD Durban, Supreme CBD Kush has equal amounts of CBD and THC (9.5%) giving you potent benefits without a THC-induced high.

Excellent for pain relief, Supreme CBD Kush is also good for alleviating muscle spasms, tremors and PMS cramps, and general relaxation.


White Rhino

white rhino seeds nirvana seedsWhite Rhino is another F1 hybrid of White Widow crossed with an incredibly potent Indica from Canada.

The combination is a potent smoke with strong Indica-like effects.

When smoked White Rhino comes on hard imparting a deeply relaxing stone suitable for stress relief. It’s good for curing insomnia and also has pain-relieving properties.


White Widow

white widow seeds nirvana seedsThe legendary White Widow was created in the mid 1990’s and is now possibly the most well-known strain in the world.

Its medicinal properties are not so well-known but some people have used it both to relieve pain and reduce anxiety and stress.

The effects of White Widow when smoked are a powerful body stone balanced by an uplifting high.


Click here for more information on using and growing medical cannabis: Nirvana Seeds Medical Marijuana


medical cannabis strains disclaimerLegal disclaimer: Buying and selling medical cannabis strains is legal in some countries. Cannabis growing is tolerated in some states as long as it is solely for ones own use. Some states support laws prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis unless permits are acquired prior to germination.

Other countries have very restrictive legislation that tries to prevent people from cultivating medical cannabis strains or alternative types of psychoactive cannabis for any purpose whatsoever. We do not pretend to be well versed in cannabis laws around the world.
If you have doubts regarding legislation regarding marijuana growing where you live we suggest you contact the local authorities for interpretation. We do not support in any way whatsoever the transgression of laws.

We provide a law-abiding service informing people regarding the characteristics of various top-grade marijuana strains and offer purchase of medical cannabis seeds and other cannabis seeds to anyone legally entitled to purchase cannabis seeds.

And by the way,we do not extract, store, or share any information that could disclose you when you come to this site.


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