Cannabis Grow Guide Quick Start

Knowing How To Cultivate Cannabis

Cannabis is an awesome plant. It can grow virtually any where in the world. However, to get really awesome results you might require a little help. This complete yet simple cannabis grow guide can show you how to cultivate your own marijuana easily.

Cannabis grow guide: First steps to growing

To plant your pot inside or outdoors? Whichever way, both ways have advantages.

An essential consideration is to hide your pot plants from thieves. Additionally, you need to give your plants adequate warmth.

Appraise your situation. Do you want large crops of marketable cannabis or only a limited harvest of recreational cannabis?

Grow-room Cannabis Cultivation

White Widow cannabis grow guide

White Widow

To grow pot indoors you need a well-ventilated room or shed without too many windows. If you take some precautions, indoor growing isn’t too risky.

A big advantage of growing inside is that it has a yield potential of several crops a year. And you can do a first try-out grow without specialist equipment.

Just buy some cannabis seeds from a reputable source (like Nirvana Seeds) and you’re good to go. Weed plants are just like any others – all they need is fertile earth, water and light.

In a simple set up, this could mean a pot of potting soil and a couple of fluorescent lamps.

As time, money or your energy levels permit, you can add more frills such as filters, hydroponic propagation, advanced nutrient systems, training and cropping plants and so on.

But if all that scares you, then a pot of soil and a nice bright lamp is all you need to get started growing indoor marijuana!

Outdoor Weed Cultivation

Growing cannabis outdoors has more perils than indoors. An unexpected drop in temperature, a voracious rodent, a hiker can all mess up your patch.

However there are straightforward steps you can take to stop these possibilities.

Use different greenery to hide your garden or use a remote spot for secure cultivation.

In order to protect the roots from freezing, drying out, and soil pests, you can purchase custom plant containers for outside gardening.

medical medicinal nirvana seeds cannabis marijuanaHaze

Haze Cannabis

You could additionally get seeds for outdoor cannabis strains (like Haze) that are stronger and resistent to pests and mould.

Gardening outside you can only do a harvest once a year.

On the positive side, each weed plant is most often large, which means heavier harvests with less expenditure.

To sum up, you require less seeds, with no electric costs, and no fans and filters.

If the season is good, outside gardening is an enjoyable, simple and cheap method to cultivate your own cannabis.

Understanding Artificial and Natural Light

Cannabis appreciates plenty light while plants are the growing period. Later you need to move to 12hour/12 hour dark/light to force flower growth.

Virtually any type of light will suffice, however not incandescent lamps as these create too much heat and not enough light.

In the old days, metal halide grow-lamps were used in the vegetative growth stage and high-pressure sodium grow-lamps for budding.

Fluorescent lights are a good light source. Using LED grow-lamps is getting increasingly popular.

Clearly, if you grow the pot outside there’s no need for grow lamps. Direct sunlight is the best light source, provided you have enough where you grow.

Smart Pot Type Choice

After you have figured out where to garden, you need to figure out which strain to cultivate.

The selection of different marijuana varieties available can be bewildering. A variety only indicates a difference in DNA genetics.

The main distinction to be aware of is that between Indica and Sativa.

Generally, Sativa types of plant grow higher and give you a more cerebral high when smoked whereas Indicas grow denser and shorter and produce more of a body-stoned effect.

Also there are specialized medicinal cannabis seeds suitable for helping with medical problems.

Feminized or Normal?

Additionally you need to decide whether to buy regular or feminized seeds.

Normal cannabis seeds can develop into female or male cannabis plants.

Male cannabis flowers resemble tiny sacks When you see this, remove the plant. Male cannabis plants don’t develop potent pot. Also, male plants can fertilize the female plants if you fail to pull them.

A simpler technique is to purchase feminised seeds as an alternative.

short rider nirvana seeds indoor cannabis

Short Rider Auto

But remember, with too much stress, even feminized cannabis plants might develop male characteristics.

So stay on the look out!

But then again, you could grow automatic seeds. Auto-flowering strains do not need a change in the lighting times like regular cannabis seeds do.

Knowing When to Bring in the Bounty

The correct time to harvest the crop is subject of much debate.

Typically, cannabis gardeners start to harvest when about half of the resin crystals on the cannabis buds have changed from transparent to a yellowish hue.

Harvesting too soon can sometimes result in immature flower clusters which will not have the maximum punch of a sufficiently ripe bud.

However, if one harvests too late, THC content will degrade and the pot can rot.

Dry the collected buds with caution or they might develop mould and taste awful. Dry them in manageable lots, initially hanging the flower clusters up, after keeping them in plastic bags.

Going Professional

This short cannabis grow guide will get you started in growing some very nice ganja with Nirvana Seeds or cannabis seeds from some other reputable cannabis seeds bank (Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is another good one).

If you want to take it to the next level and learn to cultivate some mind-blowing weed you’ll have to use some more advanced techniques.

Everything you need to know about growing killer weed, indoor or outdoors, hydroponics or soil, can be accessed in The Ultimate Grow Guide….


cannabis grow guide nirvana seeds disclaimerLegal disclaimer: Buying and selling cannabis seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions. However, whether you can legally germinate and grow these seeds is another matter.

Cannabis growing is tolerated in some countries as long as it is for one’s own use. A number of states support laws prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana unless licences are acquired prior to germination. Other countries enforce very restrictive laws that tries to prevent people from cultivating THC-bearing cannabis for any reason.

We do not claim to be specialized in marijuana legislation universally. If you have concerns regarding laws on marijuana growing where you live you should contact the appropriate regulators for clarification. By providing this cannabis grow guide, we are not endorsing in any way whatsoever the breaking of laws.

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