Chrystal seeds

Chrystal seeds: regular and feminized

Chrystal feminized seeds (formerly Crystal seeds)Chrystal (briefly renamed Crystal before the ‘h’ was reinstalled) is a special hybrid from Nirvana Seeds.

Chrystal seeds have been created out of an extremely robust and potent cross between the world famous  White Widow and with the long-time favourite Northern Lights.

Mind you, White Widow and Northern Lights are possibly two of the most well known marijuana strains in the world – both pioneered and shared by Nirvana Seeds.

A predictable and easy marijuana strain to grow indoors, Chrystal seeds remains very popular among seasoned growers and those just starting out.

As an F1 hybrid, Chrystal marijuana seeds can deliver a huge bounty of 500+ grams of strong bud per square metre of grow space (15 to 20% THC content!)

Somewhat easier to trim and dry than White Widow, Chrystal marijuana will probably overtake its famous ancestor in popularity in the future.

With THC content of 15-20%, Chrystal certainly packs a punch and quickly – the high is fast-acting and lively. Chrystal was a first place winner of the Dutch Highlife Cup.
crystal nirvana seeds
Chrystal seeds are also a good choice for medicinal cannabis users, being particularly helpful for stress and anxiety.

Plant Type –    Hybrid
Cultivation   –  Indoor
Plant Height  –   Medium
Effect  –   Energetic, Body Buzz
Flavor   –  Pungent, Fruity
Average Yield  –   400 – 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period  –   8 – 10 weeks
Medical Use  –   Yes

Chrystal seeds are available in regular and feminized forms. For fresh cannabis seeds with fast discreet delivery at discount prices, click on one of the buttons below:

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nirvana seeds disclaimerLegal disclaimer: Purchasing Chrystal seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Marijuana growing is allowed in a number of states as long as it is solely for one’s own use.

A number of jurisdictions have legislation prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana unless permits are obtained beforehand. Other countries enforce restrictive legislation that tries to prevent people from cultivating Chrystal cannabis seeds or alternative types of THC-bearing cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

We do not pretend to be specialized in marijuana laws globally. If you have concerns regarding legislation regarding cannabis cultivation where you live we suggest you contact the appropriate regulators for clarification.

We do not endorse in any way whatsoever the flaunting of laws. We provide a legal service informing people regarding the characteristics of a range of top-grade cannabis types and offer access to Crystal feminized seeds and other cannabis seeds to all people legally allowed to buy cannabis seeds.

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