Kaya Gold seeds

Kaya Gold seeds: feminized

kaya gold seeds nirvana seedsKaya Gold is a Sativa/Indica hybrid that was bred to be tough and grow well in harsh climates as well as making a perfectly suitable indoor crop.

A marijuana strain for the guerilla grower, Kaya Gold seeds can be sown in remote locations and then returned to in, say, 1 to 12 weeks for a quick harvest :-).

Its ability to grow well regardless of climates means it also makes a great choice marijuana for first-time growers who just want to plant and not fuss over it.

Kaya Gold grows to a medium hight (90 to 120 cm) with a flowering cycle lasting between 7 to 9 weeks and in general is a great all-round strain that does well outdoors, indoors or in greenhouses.

Grow Kaya Gold seeds indoor or outside, you can be assured of a good harvest ranging in between 350 to 450 grams per plant.

THC content is 10% to 15% and the effect when smoked is a balanced heady high with a relaxing body buzz – the best of both its Sativa and Indica parentage.

Kaya Gold’s flavour is described as “spicy-herbal” – you go figure ;-). Describe the taste anyway you want – it’s definitely good tasting ganja with a great high when smoked.

nirvana seeds kaya gold feminizedIf you’re looking for a sure thing and a harvest you can depend on then Kaya Gold seeds make an excellent choice.

Plant Type   –  Hybrid
Cultivation  –   Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant Height  –   Medium
Effect  –   Energetic, Body Buzz
Flavor   –  Spicy, Herbal
Average Yield  –   350 – 450 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period  –   7 – 9 weeks
Medical Use  –   No

Kaya Gold seeds are available in feminized form. For fresh cannabis seeds with fast discreet delivery at discount prices, click on one of the buttons below:

Kaya Gold seeds are no longer available from Nirvana Seeds.

You could try Northern Lights seeds instead.



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