Master Kush seeds

Master Kush seeds: regular and feminized

master kush seedsMaster Kush is a specialist cannabis seeds strain developed in the capital of the marijuana world – Amsterdam – where it proved to be a big hit in the dope-smoking coffee-shops.

Master Kush is a hybrid of  Hindu Kush and Skunk and has become a classic strain.

First called High Rise, after the area it was developed in, Master Kush is appropriately a strong and fast-growing strain.

Master Kush seeds excel under most growing conditions, producing well in indoor, hydroponic master kush nirvana seedsand greenhouse set-ups.

This variety from Nirvana Seeds grows into a medium-sized, compact, densely formed plant with sparse, spiky, forest green leaves.

Master Kush‘s ball-shaped buds are light green with long hairs that range from white to orange in colour. Buds are dense, thick, and heavy, which makes mould a risk in humid climates.

After only a 7 to 9 week flowering period Master Kush has good yields of 400 to 500 grams of dried bud ready to smoke per plant.

The resulting Master Kush bud has a hint of earthiness and citrus – a very smooth and tasty smoke giving a lovely energetic yet physical high.

Plant Type  –   Hybrid
Cultivation  –   Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant Height   –  Medium
Effect   –  Energetic, Body Buzz
Flavor  –   Earthy, Pungent
Average Yield  –   400 – 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period   –  7 – 9 weeks
Medical Use   –  No

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nirvana seeds disclaimerLegal disclaimer: Buying and selling Master Kush seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions.

Cannabis growing is tolerated in some states provided it is for personal use. Some jurisdictions support laws prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana unless permits are acquired prior to germination.

Other states enforce restrictive laws that tries to prevent any of its citizens from cultivating Master Kush feminized seeds or any other kind of psychoactive marijuana for any reason.

We do not pretend to be well-versed in marijuana legislation globally. If you have any doubts regarding legislation regarding cannabis growing where you live we suggest you contact the local authorities for clarification.

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