New York Power Diesel seeds

New York Power Diesel seeds: regular

new york power diesel seedsNew York Power Diesel was formerly known as New York City Diesel, or NYC Diesel before Nirvana Seeds turned this classic into a pungent Sativa with big yields.

An F1 hybrid of Mexican Sativa and Aurora Indica, New York Power Diesel develops huge tight buds with very few leaves.

New York Power Diesel seeds are better suited to indoor cultivation except in tropical climates, although note that it’s quite a tall plant, growing well over a metre tall indoors.

New York Power Diesel‘s few leaves are thick and wide – more palm than finger – and their dark green colour turns more purple toward harvest time.

You’ll get a good harvest from New York Power Diesel seeds too – up to 500g per square metre of grow space – and the effect of this marijuana is powerful.

The flavour is lemony and the smell, of course, diesel-like. And with predominantly Sativa genetics and a THC content of 15-20%, New York Power Diesel gives you a real soaring high. The Indica influence gives a bit of a body buzz too, mellowing the effect.

New York Power Diesel seeds are a favourite among new and seasoned indoor growers, and given it’s strength, it’s used as a medical marijuana too.

Plant Type  –   Predominantly Sativa
Cultivation  –   Indoor
Plant Height   –  Tall
Effect  –   High (Head Trip, Cerebral Effect)
Flavor  –   Fruity, Fuel
Average Yield  –  400 – 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period   –  9 – 11 weeks
Medical Use   –  Yes

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New York Power Diesel seeds are no longer available from Nirvana Seeds.

You could try Aurora Indica seeds instead.



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