Nirvana Seeds – the World’s Best Seedbank?

What’s the deal with buying marijuana seeds online?

The trade in marijuana seeds over the Internet is a estimated to be over a billion Euro commercial enterprise. You may have noticed I wrote Euro, not $$.

raspberry cough seeds nirvana seeds best seedbank

Raspberry Cough

Due to the dominance of world-class cannabis seed banks like Nirvana Seeds, the euro is to marijuana seed commerce as the US dollar is to a barrel of oil.

Euros are the standard way of setting prices and comparing marijuana seeds from different strains and cannabis seed banks.

This is partly because of the dominance of the Netherlands (especially Nirvana Seeds) in the world cannabis seed trade. One of the main reasons that seed breeders and seed stockists come from Netherlands is because that is where the selling and buying of weed is tolerated. And the Netherlands, as with its neighbouring countries (apart from the UK), took on the Euro as its currency in 2000.


So which is the best seedbank to buy from?

The best seedbanks are based in the Netherlands, mostly in Amsterdam, marijuana coffee-shop capital of the world.

Nirvana Seeds is possibly Amsterdam’s best seedbank. Established in the 1980s, Nirvana Seeds have been at the heart of the Amsterdam weed scene for decades and know what they are doing.

Not only does Nirvana Seeds offer the most robust and sought-after cannabis seed strains in the world, they are also the most affordable.

Unlike other cannabis seed banks which inflate their prices, Nirvana Seeds keep their prices down. There aren’t many places where you can get regular cannabis seeds for as little as €2.60 per seed!

A handful of other marijuana seed banks in the Netherlands have been in existence a long time. Consider our friends Sensi Seeds as a case in point. This cannabis seed bank is another contender for the best seedbank and has been in the trade of breeding the best cannabis seeds for weed cultivators for over 25 years.


What are the best cannabis seeds to buy?

The sheer amount of cannabis seeds for sale is incredible. Serious plant geneticists in Nirvana Seeds are always combining the best types to create stronger strains that can develop quicker, or produce thicker flowers, stronger buds, etc. etc..

snow white nirvana seeds

Snow White

Most marijuana seeds sold online are feminized seeds. A feminized cannabis seed will only turn into a female cannabis plant that grows the buds that are sticky with the resin which you get high on.

If a person only uses feminized cannabis seeds the result will be that not a single male will develop. The female weed plants will be prevented from being fertilized, and their flowers (buds) will be super-powerful as an effect.

The negative side of cultivating solely using feminized cannabis seeds is that the female weed plants that develop will not bring forth any seeds. So you will be required to get another round of seeds to plant further batches afterwards.

But how can one be assured that the cannabis seeds acquirable from a website are genuinely the best cannabis seeds or genuinely feminized cannabis seeds? To start with, it is better do business with reputable cannabis seed banks that already have a good reputation. Don’t bother with fly-by-night sellers however elaborate their web pages. Rather than getting the best cannabis seeds, you could be spending your money on garbage.

Nirvana Seeds have a sound reputation for delivering the best cannabis seeds to virtually anywhere in the world (except Australia and Japan, currently). They’ve been established since the 1980’s and have received many awards for their strains. So this is one seed bank you can order from with peace of mind.

Plus, Nirvana Seeds at present are giving away ten free seeds with every order. You can’t get a better deal than that.

Click here for an overview of Nirvana Seeds top marijuana strains.


Buying the best cannabis seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Marijuana growing is allowed in a number of states provided the harvest is solely for ones own use. Other states have legislation prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless licences are obtained prior to germination while others enforce very restrictive legislation that tries to stop any of its citizens from cultivating marijuana for any reason.

We do not claim to be well-versed in marijuana laws universally. If you have any concerns regarding legislation regarding marijuana cultivation where you live you might want to contact the local authorities for interpretation.

We do not support in any way whatsoever the transgression of laws. We provide a law-abiding business informing people about the qualities of a range of top-grade cannabis strains and offer purchase of the best marijuana seeds to all people legally allowed to buy cannabis seeds. 

And by the way, we do not gather, store, or share any data that could identify you when you visit this site.

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