Nirvana Seeds Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana are strains of high potency. Many are noted for their  narcotic effects of relaxing the body and dulling or eliminating pain. Other medicinal effects include countering nausea and appetite loss and mental effects such as alleviation of stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

All the strains below are noted for their medicinal uses – although recreational use is not ruled out ;-).

Nirvana Seeds is a well-established cannabis seeds bank in the medicinal use of cannabis.


Nirvana Seeds Medical Marijuana

For those of you new to Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana range, here’s an outline of what to consider when choosing which strain to grow.

Indica or Sativa medical marijuana?

Indica-dominant strains are most commonly used as medical marijuana as they tend to give the most physically relaxing effects. As such, they’re very effective with pain relief, migraine and muscle tension, often having analgesic (pain-numbing) effects.

Indica-dominant strains of medical marijuana also often produce emotional calmness and in this way help with anxiety, insomnia and stress-related conditions.

Sativa-dominant strains can also be powerful for medical marijuana use. They also often have pain-relieving effects but since they give more of an uplifting and energizing high they can be helpful for depression and fatigue, and also are commonly used to stimulate appetite (e.g., to counter the appetite-suppressing effects of chemotherapy).

(Note: Pure Sativa strains have been known to induce panic attacks in some folk so avoid strong Sativa strains if you’re prone to anxiety.)


What about CBD and THC in medical marijuana?

How effective a Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana strain is, and in what way it’s effective, depends largely on the amounts of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol) it contains.

There are many chemical compounds in medical marijuana which make it medically useful, however CBD and THC are the main ones studied. Both of these chemicals counter inflammation and pain and reduce nausea. However, they have other differences in their effects.

THC is more of a stimulant, used for stimulating appetite, and energy and mood in general. CBD is more relaxing and sedating thus helpful for stress and anxiety. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties make it particularly helpful for reducing symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

(Medical research also suggests that CBD may have cytotoxic (cell destroying) properties, meaning that in the future – after further research – it may prove to be useful for treating cancer.)

The main difference in mental effects is that only THC is psychoactive, giving a mental ‘high’. CBD is not psychoactive and actually reduces THC’s psychoactive effects. This means that medical marijuana that is high in CBD will not give you as much of a ‘high’, even when it contains THC.

Indeed, Nirvana Seeds have actually developed some medical marijuana strains which are rich in CBD and relatively low in THC in order to give pain relief and other medicinal effects without the usual high.

These different effects of THC and CBD partly explain the differences between Indica and Sativa medical marijuana, as Indica marijuana is usually higher in CBD and lower in THC and Sativa medical marijuana is generally higher in THC and lower in CBD.


Which Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana strain is best?

Most strains of Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana are hybrids of some kind, as this can often give you the maximum benefits of both Indica and Sativa influences, with a balance of strong physical and mental effects.

Blackjack is one such strain and is renowned among medical marijuana users for its effects – relaxing with a cerebral high but without feeling too stoned or too loop-the-loop.

If you want mainly pain relief and physical relaxation, then you’re generally better with an Indica-dominant strain. Aurora Indica is Nirvana Seeds most potent Indica.

Nirvana Seeds have also developed strains specifically for medical use – Supreme CBD Durban and Supreme CBD Kush –  both of which have 8-9% CBD and THC. This means you can enjoy their relieving and relaxing effects without getting too high to get on with your day. Truly a perfect medical strain!

If you want something more stimulating, e.g., for depression or fatigue, for appetite loss, or for pain relief without any sedative effect, then go for a Sativa-dominant strain, such as Sativa’s Sour Diesel which will give you an uplifting high.

White strains are also renowned for their powerful medicinal effects and are high-THC strains, though some are high in CBD as well. Snow White is a pleasant potent white strain, giving a deeply relaxing body buzz.

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Growing Medical Marijuana Nirvana Seeds

One last thing to keep in mind, especially if you’re new to medical marijuana growing, is that Indica-dominant marijuana is easier to grow indoors, for the most part.

Indica-dominant medical marijuana are generally shorter and bushier plants which don’t take so long to grow, don’t need as much light as Sativa plants, and – by happy coincidence – tend to give a bigger harvest.

So just browse the Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana strains above and click on each picture for more information about that particular Nirvana Seeds medical marijuana strain.

And good luck growing!