Short Rider seeds

Short Rider seeds: autoflower

short rider nirvana seeds indoor cannabisShort Rider is an auto-flowering hybrid – the perfect marijuana strain for the impatient.

Auto-flowering cannabis strains start developing buds shortly after germination and continue to do so through their growth cycle regardless of light and dark cycles.

A speciality strain from Nirvana Seeds, Short Rider was created with genes from their discontinued strain Top 44.

Top 44 was a favourite with commercial growers for its large output of strong skunky buds in a short time and this version of the ‘Rider family’ is similarly prolific, producing up to 300 grams of potent smoking bud in as little as 6 to 8 weeks of growth.

Short Rider seeds grow well indoors and outside. It grows to around 1 metre in height.

For such a fast-yielding plant, Short Rider is high quality marijuana with a THC content of 10-15% and a strong fruity flavour. The effect is a smooth Indica-style relaxing body buzz.

An easy strain to grow, Short Rider seeds are a great choice for those with limited space and limited time.

Plant Type  –   Hybrid
Cultivation   –  Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant Height  –   Short
Effect  –   Stoned (Body Buzz, Relaxing Effect)
Flavor –   Pungent, Fruity
Average Yield  –   200 – 300 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period  –   6 – 8 weeks
Medical Use  –   No

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short rider autoflower feminized seeds


nirvana seeds disclaimerLegal disclaimer: Buying Short Rider seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions.

Marijuana growing is tolerated in some countries provided the harvest is solely for personal enjoyment.

A number of countries support laws prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless licences are acquired beforehand. Other countries have restrictive laws that attempts to stop any of its citizens from growing Short Rider seeds or any other kind of THC-bearing cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

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