White Widow seeds

White Widow seeds: regular, feminized, and autoflower

white widow seeds nirvana seedsSince its introduction in 1995, White Widow has become an infamous breed in the world of weed.

This variety can be found in almost every coffee shop in Amsterdam, but while imitation may be the truest form of flattery, the genuine item bears the Nirvana Seeds name.

This variety’s reputation has been built on its excellence in smell, flavour, and quality of high. White Widow has fragrantly fresh pine cone buds that have a taste somewhere between fruit and flowers when smoked.

Setting the standard for awesome bud, White Widow washes over you with a warm feeling and sensational highs – energizing and social.

White Widow seeds produce compact plants of medium height. The buds only develop a few amber-coloured hairs, but the enormous crystalline resin production of this plant has become legendary.

White Widow seeds are recommended for indoor gardening, where water and fertilizer should be used modestly to avoid mildew and retain the delicious flavours. And with White Widow autoflower, you can grow even more crops during the year, with less than three months from germination to harvest.

Nirvana Seeds suggests changing the lighting to 8 hours during the last 2 weeks of flowering in order to halt regrowth of on the buds and produce just enough stress to coax out the maximum amount of sticky resin per inch.

White Widow is categorized as a white strain and medical marijuana.

Plant Type  –  Hybrid
Cultivation  –  Indoor
Plant Height  –  Medium
Effect  –  High (Head Trip) yet Stoned (Body Buzz)
Flavor –  Herbal, Pine
Average Yield –  325 – 425 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period  –  8 – 10 weeks (10-12 weeks for the autoflower)
Medical Use  –  Yes (for stress, depression and pain)

White Widow seeds are available in regular, feminized and now autoflower forms. For fresh cannabis seeds with fast discreet delivery at discount prices, click on one of the buttons below:

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nirvana seeds disclaimerLegal disclaimer: Purchasing White Widow seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions.

Cannabis growing is allowed in a number of countries as long as it is solely for personal enjoyment. Other jurisdictions support legislation prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana unless permission are obtained beforehand.

Other states enforce restrictive legislation that attempts to stop people from growing White Widow marijuana or alternative kind of THC-bearing marijuana for any purpose whatsoever.

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